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Take your student card along to the UCT Document Centre (just next to the entrance of the Chancellor Oppenheimer Library) or to the nearest campus copy centre ... and buy credits at the cashier's desk. The cashier will credit the money to your student card. You can now use the credit on your card for photocopying and printing. You can also add credit to your card at the cash boxes in the Knowledge Commons, at the photocopiers behind the Information Desks on Main Level, and in all the branch libraries. Once you have credit and a PIN code, you can use your card at any of our copiers to photocopy, scan, or print documents. Each time you make a copy, the cost of the copy is subtracted from the amount of credit you have on your card.

How to use the photocopiers

1. To log in:

  • Hold your student card up to the proximity reader on the left side of the machine.
  • A login window will appear on the machine’s touch-screen.
  • Use the keypad on the right to type in your PIN code.
  • Press Login at the top right of the touch-screen.

2. To photocopy:

  • Press the F1 button at the top left of the screen.
  • This will open the photocopy window on the touch-screen, where you can adjust the settings for your copies.
  • Place the material to be copied on the machine and use the Start button at the bottom right of the panel to start copying.

3. To print:

  • Open the document you want to print at any PC in the Libraries and issue a print command.
  • A login screen will pop up. Log in using your student number and your network password. You will be asked to confirm the print job which will then go into your print queue, where it will stay until you are ready to release it at one of the printer-copiers and collect your printout.
  • Go to a printer-copier machine and log in as described above.
  • Press the Follow-You button on the touch-screen.
  • The screen will then display your print queue ... a list of the documents for which you have issued print commands.
  • Select the document you want to print and press the Print button.
  • NB. Don't wait too long between issuing your print command and releasing your print job at a copier. Your print job will remain on the system for three days after which it will be deleted.

4. To scan:

  • After logging in as described above, press the Scan-to-Me button on the touch-screen.
  • This will open a scanning window on the touch-screen where you can adjust your scanning settings and enter your email address so that the scanned document can be sent to your email inbox.
  • Place the material to be scanned on the maching and press the Start Scan button at the bottom right of the screen.

5. To log out:

  • Press the Home button on the touch-screen.
  • Then press the PCC button on the touch-screen.
  • Press Logout at the top right of the screen … and wait a few seconds while the system generates a report of your transaction and tells you what your copy credit balance is.
  • After viewing the report, click OK.

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